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Training Mode

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The cultivation of academic postgraduate students adopts the guidance method of supervisor responsibility system or supervisor guidance group, whichrequires a more flexible and diverse training mode with moreheuristic and discussion-based teaching methods and regular academic seminars, which will give full play to the leading role of the supervisors.Thesupervisorsshould be fully concerned about the growth of postgraduates, so as to teach and educate talents.

The assessment of the relevant courses in the curriculum system can be carried out in different ways, such as examination inspection (closed-book and open-book), verification design, reportandreply, etc.According to the course type and content, the comprehensive evaluation score of 60 or above is qualified.

Postgraduates should report their study and research work to the supervisors at least once a month in the course learning stage and at least twice a month in the paper work stage.



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