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Arrangements for the spring semester of 2020

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Arrangements for the spring semester of 2020

International students:

1. all thesis and dissertation in 2020 will be checked for the repetition rate, which should be lower than 15%. Please prepare in advance. More details and requirements will be declared by Teaching affairs Office / Graduate School.

2. The schedule of oral defense in this semester is adjusted according to the situation of epidemic. Students who cannot come back to participate in the defense can apply for a video defense.

3. Affected by the epidemic, all courses are currently taught online. Students are required to overcome difficulties to participate the whole process through teaching platforms, WeChat, QQ, email, etc. Please contact your instructors if you have any problems. students who cannot complete course study need to retake the courses after then.

4. HSK is necessary to get your degree. The exam time is determined by the Hanban. Students are encouraged to take the exam locally and bring your report back to apply for degree.

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March 5, 2020



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