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A Letter to International Students

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Dear International Students:

I am in charge of the Admissions at College of International Students Education Exchange Office of Taiyuan University of Technology

The current outbreak in China is well under control. Most cities have no new cases which makes China a healthy and a safe China. We welcome you to Taiyuan University of Technology to study. The epidemic will soon be eradicated from China since the virus is almost contained nationwide. We are confident that this will be the wisest choice in your life to study in China and Shanxi Province where Taiyuan University of Technology is located.

New students can start school in September. Whether you are learning Chinese or other professional programs , Taiyuan University of Technology is a good choice for you. You don't have to go to Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou to learn about Chinese culture. We have everything in Shanxi.

There is no extreme climatic conditions, no high cost of living, but only the pursuance of excellence with enthusiastic teachers and students of which you can be part of in September. You are welcome to join us.

College of International Education Exchange, Taiyuan University of Technology

International Student Admissions Office

10 March 2020


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